We will help you turn your brokerage into a thriving property management company overnight using our team of AppFolio and Property Management experts. Take your business to the next level with Plug-In PM.

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We will handle just about everything

From the managing the books to maintenance coordination, we have you covered!

Property Management Trust Accounting

We’ll take over your trust account bookkeeping to ensure everything is always clean and audit ready. This includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, owner payments and statements, move in and move out accounting, 1099s, and all your trust account reporting needs. In addition to this, we also complete daily audits and reconciliaitions so your books are always clean and audit ready!

Maintenance Coordination &
After Hours Call Center

Whether you have 50 units or 5,000 units, our team of full-service maintenance coordinators turn problems into solutions. During normal business hours and after hours, we will be available answer your calls and if there are any emergencies, and will triage them immediately. We will help you identify when you should start hiring in-house maintenance techs or when it’s time to start a separate maintenance entity.

Leasing Process

From the moment you get a new property to the minute you land your first lease – we will be there to guide you through the whole process. We will setup the properties in AppFolio for you, help you gather marketing materials, post the property online, and help you move in the new tenant. Our goal is to make your leasing process straight forward and simple!

Property Management Consulting

While we require every Plug-In PM client to have an in-house licensed broker, we will provide you with best practice recommendations for getting your Property Management business up and running. We’ll assist with inputting management agreements, help you get your properties advertised quickly, and monitor leads for showings to make things as easy as possible.